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Family Law
It's a sad fact of life that families and relationships can break apart. We can offer advice on the legal aspects of the situation.
We offer a sympathetic and professional approach to dealing with divorce. We can draw up the divorce petition and submit this to the Court. Once this is issued, we can apply for the second stage of divorce, called Decree Nisi. Normally once six weeks have elapsed we can then apply for Decree Absolute, the final stage of the proceedings.
Usually one of the most important factors in the break up of a family are the children. Deciding who they should live with is the first step. Often the absent parent will wish to see the children and we can help deal with these arrangements.An important legal concept is "parental responsibility" which can give someone the rights and responsibilities of being a parent.
Finally the financial arrangements may have to be sorted out and we can advise on this as well. If possible an agreement can be reached which will become legally binding. This will hopefully provide some certainty so the parties can begin planning for the future again.
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