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Employment Law
We can advise on a wide range of legal matters relating to employment and the workplace.
There have been lots of changes in the laws and rules that govern the relationship between the employer and the employee. Rules setting out the minimum wage and the maximum working week are examples of this. It is vital that employees get proper advice to ensure they are complying with the law and that employees are fully aware of their rights.
One particular area relates to the dismissal of employees. This can be a tricky situation as, generally speaking, any employee who has been employed for more than one year has protection from being unfairly dismissed. Employers often need detail advice on how to proceed lawfully and employees need advice on their rights in this situation.
The laws stopping sexual and racial discrimination are well known but a recent addition has been legislation preventing discrimination against people with disabilities. Maternity leave can also be a tricky situation for the employer to deal with correctly and we can advise on this as well.
We can also draw up employment contracts which will not only include the basics such as salary, working hours, notice periods and so forth but also protection of trade clauses.
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