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Business Law
We take a practical approach in advising on business matters, taking into account the costs of different approaches.
We can provide comprehensive legal advice on business disputes. These can be for example debts owed to you by a customer, a dispute with a supplier or contractor over faulty goods or unsatisfactory work, or disputes over the ownership of copyright material or trademarks.
You will need advice on where you stand and what action to take. We can advise you on whether a negotiated settlement is preferable or, if court proceedings are required, the likely costs of protecting your legal interests.
We adopt a practical approach to these situations and one thing we stress is the time and cost of taking legal action, which can sometimes outweigh the benefit that is sought. Resolving a dispute by negotiation is often the best way especially where the other party is a valued customer or long term supplier. Recent legislation may have a bearing on the situation as well. This includes legislation relating to the late payment of commercial debts and the third party rights legislation.
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